Macro Cell Lens Band gives your iPhone or Android an even better camera

Get sharp macro shots with your smartphone with the addition of this slim rubber band with a built-in macro lens.

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better, and we’re close to throwing out our slim point-and-shoots altogether with the new and improved camera on the iPhone 4S, but there are still a few things that phone cameras just can’t compete on. We won’t go into the list, but one of those things is taking close-up macro shots. Most point-and-shoots have a special macro setting that will let you focus on something when your camera is only an inch or so away from it (say a bug or a flower petal), but trying to get the same effect with just your smartphone is pretty hopeless. We have also seen many different add-ons and attachments for the iPhone or other smartphone cameras, but they are usually bulky and not anything that you would carry around on a daily basis. Well, we can now kill two birds with one stone with the Macro Cell Lens Band ($15) from our friends over at the Photojojo store.

This sturdy rubber band has a small built-in macro lens that will easily slide over the lens on any phone with a camera. We are seriously impressed with the sample photos using the tiny lens — it lets you get extra-close to subjects and will give you great detail in the process. Your Instagram photos will be even more impressive and artsy with the addition of this little rubber band to your repertoire. We are even more impressed with the fact that we might actually always carry this around with us. The band comes with a credit-card-sized card that you can put the band around to store in your wallet, but you could just as easily have it on your wrist or in a pocket should a macro-photography opportunity arise. Did we mention it’s only $15?