Dr. Dre Beats Studio Gold Headphones

You might think twice before walking down the streets with these custom made, gold-plated Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones from Crystal Rocked.

In the market for gold plated headphones? Aren’t we all? Well, if you are looking to drop 25 C-notes ( $2,500) on a pair then look no further than these 24-carat gold plated Dr. Dre Beats Studio Headphones by Crystal Rocked.

Apart from the gold-plated aesthetics,  not much has changed  from the standard edition of Dr. Dre’s signature headphones. These bad boys will come in a custom-made walnut box (walnut screams gangsta) with each set being authenticated with a serial number, certificate, and two-year warranty.

Only 50 of these will be made, which gets reduced to 40 considering famous London department store Harrods has called dibs on ten already.