Samsung PL210 Review

The Samsung PL210 has a simple setup while boasting some impressive specs – namely, it’s 10x optical zoom and wide angle lens. The camera performs admirably for a pocket cam, but touting itself as a supremely thin design housing big capabilities is a bit of an overstatement: It’s neither shockingly tiny nor does it absolutely blow the competition away.

But that doesn’t make it bad. Many of the PL210’s functions are easy to use and at a $199.99 pricetag, there’s plenty for the exclusive-handheld camera set to enjoy.
Features and design

The PL210 has one undeniably impressive feature, and that’s its 14.2 megapixel sensor combined with its 10x optical zoom. Its dual image stabilization and 3-inch LCD are also nothing to sneeze at, but the pocket cams serious selling points are its superzoom, wide angle capabilities and pocket cam size.

Samsung PL210That said, the chassis does not have a $200 feel. It isn’t particularly slim or sturdy–it falls somewhere between fitting comfortably in your pocket and just big enough to be a nuisance. It isn’t obnoxiously large or bulky, but you aren’t going to be picking this device up because you can easily slip it into your back pocket. Basically, there’s nothing to ooh and aah about when it comes to its body and build. It can actually be a little unsteady when sitting on a flat surface.

Its dedicated power and shutter buttons are responsive and sit on top of the camera, thankfully separated from all other controls. On that note, the PL210 has a particularly simple UI. Mode, Menu, Playback, and trash function have designated buttons, while all other controls can be found on the mode dial. It’s an easy, familiar setup, so no surprises there.

Samsung PL210

The PL210 comes with a variety of what are becoming standard built-in features, like a smart filter, face, blink, and smile detection, and beauty shot to minimize general unsightliness. Right on trend, it also has a variety of art filters.
What’s in the box

Aside to the PL210, Samsung outfits you with a rechargeable AD43-00199A battery, an AC adapter/USB cable, a camera strap, the Quick Start manual, and a user manual CD.