Ruggedly Sleek: Yamaha PDX-11 portable iPod speaker system

Check out the ruggedly sleek Yamaha PDX-11 portable speaker system, the perfect device to match your active lifestyle.
We’re big fans of music here at Digital Trends, but we’re not always chained to our desks — so with that being said, we know there are times when headphones simply won’t do and the need for rocking out while on-the-go is pressing. Living the digital lifestyle isn’t always easy, but thanks to the Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Speaker System, it just got a little easier.
For your portable speaker needs, the Yamaha PDX-11 is an easy-to-carry powerful speaker system that allows you to enjoy your music library on the go. It features a unique two-way speaker system and large four-inch woofer that packs strong bass and striking mid-range audio clarity, in addition to a dedicated tweeter for higher frequencies.
The PDX-11 is available in four colors and brings with it a style that is not only portable, but manages to look rugged while maintaining elegance in its design, which comes as a surprise given its toughness. The PDX-11 features an octagonal-shaped body with a handle that adorns the top of the speaker, right behind the dock where your iPhone or iPod would rest, making it easy to carry. Just plug and play or use batteries to take the PDX-11 practically anywhere; there is even a remote for increased functionality.