Nissan wavers on production of self-parking and self-driving Pivo 3 Concept EV

Take a look at the Nissan Pivo 3 concept, a self-parking , electric vehicle that can autonomously drive to you and charge itself.
Nissan is getting set to unveil the third version of its tiny bubble-like electric vehicle, the Nissan Pivo 3, and will be showcasing it at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show later this month.
The first two generations of the Nissan Pivo were known for the quirkiness of their design, however; it would appear that Nissan has scrapped that look for the most part, in favor of some sharp and sleek angles and a more robust design. Of course beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder and the Pivo 3’s look may not appeal everyone’s taste, but that’s ok because Nissan is banking on the Pivo 3’s charm and appeal to the consumers out there, particularly in big cities, who are searching for a fun and functional EV.
But what about the Pivo 3 that makes it fun and functional? For starters the Pivo 3 features a host of automated features aimed at making it easy to use in large cities. The Pivo 3 features an automated parking function, with the ability to self-park and charge itself in specially equipped parking lots using the “Automated Valet Parking” system. What’s more, with the use of a smarphone, the Pivo 3 will be able to come to you using its autonomous driving skills.
While the Pivo is indeed in its third iteration, Nissan is still being coy about whether it will actually take the Pivo from concept to production. We can’t help but hope they decide the latter.