Brainwavz: Alpha vs. Beta Earphones

Had these two Brainwavz earphones sent to me about a month ago but after using them twice in the gym, I already misplaced the two and could not remember where I put them. Was still hoping I could find and use them before I write this post and gave them away.
In those two short instances that I’ve used them, I can clearly remember which one I liked better — the Brainwavz Alpha.

The Alpha is actually the cheaper one at about Php950 but it’s got a much better bass compared to the more expensive Brainwavz Beta (SRP: Php1,350). The Brainwavz Alpha isn’t that too comfortable on the ears though and that rubber buds doesn’t offer much traction that the earphones almost always fall off from your ears.

This is where the Brainwavz Beta takes over the Alpha — more choices on ear bud sizes and the inclusion of a more comfortable foam ear buds. The Beta is best with more mellow music because of its clarity and crispness but once you crank the volume up to the highest notch, it sounds a bit tinny already. The bass isn’t that prominent either.

As I said before, I’m not big on earphones but I found the Braiwnavz Alpha better suited for me when I use it at the gym. That extra oomph just adds more energy to my cardio routine.

With a suggested retail price of just Php950 for the Alpha and Php1,350 for the Beta, Brainwavz is surely gunning for the likes of Philips in the entry-level earphone market. The price point aren’t bad either — these Brainwavz earphones got good build quality and pretty decent audio performance. These are earphones you’d most likely pick up without a second thought.

We’re supposed to give away these two earphones although I told the distributor I wasn’t too comfortable handing out the used ones but if there were takers, then why not. Too bad I kinda lost both of them. Maybe they’ll just show up somewhere one of these days and then we’ll just randomly give them out over Twitter or Facebook.