Best Android Apps

The best Android apps are getting harder to find in the increasingly crowded Android Market. We're here to help as we test and rank the top applications available for Android phones.

Sponsored by T-MobileWhen T-Mobile launched the very first Android-powered handset – the G1 – back in 2008, the app library to go along with it looked like a minimart beside Apple’s Walmart. But the past few years have been kind to Google. The steady release of high-profile, high-power Android handsets like the HTC Droid Bionic, Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Evo 3D have turned that initial drizzle of apps into a torrent. Now with over 250,000 apps and counting, Google’s Android Market offers applications for just about everything – sometimes making it difficult to choose. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up what we think are the best Android apps in several different categories to give new users a rough guide to getting the most from their phones, and experienced users a heads up on some apps they may be missing out on.