Is EA's MOBA Dawngate a worthy competitor to League of Legends? You can play it today and decide for yourself

Electronic Arts has announced that its upcoming MOBA Dawngate has entered open beta, allowing anyone to try out the Battlefield publisher's competitor to massively popular free-to-play games League of Legends and DOTA 2.
You can join the beta today by registering at the game's website. Of course, the version of Dawngate you'll get to play is an in-development, non-final build.
Dawngate will also be playable this week at PAX East on the show floor April 11-13. Developer Waystone Games will also hold a special panel at the show and all attendees will receive an exclusive bonus skin.
Dawngate aims to separate itself from the growing pack of MOBAs by allowing you to choose a role that isn't specifically dependent on the character you select. This is all in the way of "celebrating personal play styles," EA says.
Finally, EA has announced that on Friday it will release a new interactive online graphic novel called The Dawngate Chronicles. EA says that with every game played, the Dawngate player community will actually shape how the story unfolds and ultimately dictate "the fate of everything."