TwelveSouth HoverBar lets you mount your iPad 2 almost anywhere

The HoverBar from TwelveSouth easily integrates your iPad 2 into an Apple workstation or mounts quickly to kitchen cabinets.
If having your shiny iPad 2 sitting next to your big, beautiful Mac display isn’t enough for you, TwelveSouth has a pretty smart way to give your desktop setup, provided you have an iPad 2, a little extra something special. The HoverBar ($80) uses an extra-strong flexible arm, a silicone-lined clamp, and a secure attachment to your ipad 2 to let you mount your device for display almost anywhere. The company seems to particularly like showcasing the HoverBar as a natural extension of the Apple desktop setup, but there are plenty of other uses for it, too. Clamp the HoverBar onto your kitchen cabinets for an easy way to display a weather app and look up recipes, or attach it to a table for a nice floating touchscreen to check your apps and emails. 
The strong and flexible arm that holds the iPad 2 up can move in any direction to fit your needs. It works with a ball tip on the iPad clip that allows users to tilt and move the device easily. The silicone lining of the sturdy metal clamp ensures that the HoverBar won’t damage any surface that you attach it to. We definitely like the idea of using this as an extension of a desktop setup or as a handy kitchen display, and we particularly like that it looks simple enough to remove your iPad when you want to take it on the go and slip it back into the HoverBar when you return.