GunnerCase for iPhone 4/4S uses collapsing air cells to protect your device

This new GunnerCase from baseonelabs uses air cell pockets to give superior protection in a slim form. It also repels the lint from your pockets.
We weren’t quite sure what to think when we heard that there was a new iPhone case that was inspired by guns. The two don’t seem all that related to us unless it’s a hunting-themed printed case that you’re looking for. We’ve seen those before, but they aren’t really our cup of tea. Luckily, once we did a little investigating we realized that the case simply integrated a smart piece of technology that is already present in shotguns. Just like the recoil pad on most shotguns, theGunnerCase ($40) from baseonelabs uses internal air cell pockets, which collapse on impact to provide as much protection as a much bulkier protective case. 
We like the simple design of the case and at 13.9 mm thick it’s definitely one of the slimmer serious protective cases out there. The case features precision-cut buttons for volume and power, while the camera and silencer switch are left untouched. The GunnerCase is made from a special TPU material, which supposedly feels like a rigid case but will absorb impacts and protect like a softer case. Even better, the material is also designed to repel all of that lint that is in your pockets and manages to get stuck to other cases. Now that’s something we can get behind. On top of that, the case comes with a screen protector kit, a micro cleaning cloth, and a lifetime warranty against anything, no questions asked. The case is currently available for pre-order and will ship in late march.