4chan vs. 9gag

So I randomly noticed that 4chan decided to bomb 9gag with ridiculousness (and that's putting it lightly).

A little research shows that the reason 4chan decided to bomb 9gag with ridiculousness is because 9gag allegedly claimed to be the source of most or all Internet Memes that we know and love.

And 4chan didn't take kindly to that kind of claim, especially with 9gag apparently making some kind of serious cash towards these meme and using them and abusing them when, apparently, they didn't even come up with this stuff.

My take on the situation?

Well, I definitely heard of 4chan before I heard of 9gag. Heard of 4chan since about 2008-09. Just learned of 9gag this year. I also know that 4chan has apparently been the source of memes for quite a while.

Also, 4chan's FaceBook page is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay funnier than 9gag's FaceBook page. I'm glad I discovered  it.

And now there's a war between the two sites, which has apparently been wrecking 9gag's basic functions, such as signing up and posting stuff. Crazy thing is... can't you post anything you want on 4chan? without the need of signing up or even revealing your identity? So it's not even like 9gag can strike back with shit that hasn't already been 1up'd by 4chan itself.

The war has a "pointlessness" to it, but only because, well... in the end, I don't see how 9gag wins. Sure, 9gag may get more votes in polls on being better than 4chan, but that's just because of marketing. Ask 50 Cent; marketing can save your ass from anything and anyone. (seriously, how did 50's career not die going up against D-Block? marketing...)

Ultimately, I see 9gag shutting down its functions again until they just admit whatever they need to admit, be it that they're not better, that they didn't originate the majority of meme, or just simply defeat...

Personally, though? I'm rooting for the /b/rothers! They have apparently been entertaining me on the low for quite some time without me even knowing it, and as far as I know, they probably are the reason 9gag even exists.