Zeo Sleep Manager

Manage your sleep and learn how to enjoy a better night's rest with the Zeo Sleep Manager.

Sleep — it’s not something you get much of these days, what with endless hours spent in traffic, late nights at the office, and time at the gym, you’re probably lucky if you get even half of what you need – and even if you are, you may still be waking up tired. Enter the Zeo Sleep Manager.

The Zeo Sleep Manager consists of both a sensor headband and app for both iOS and Android that tracks sleep patterns and the amount of restorative REM and Deep sleep you are actually getting. Once the headband is finished tracking your sleep stages throughout the night it sends the information collected wirelessly to your smartphone.

Once the data is gathered on your smartphone, the app provides helpful tips and pointers on how you can improve and achieve a better night’s sleep. And while $99 may be a wee bit steep, it just might be a little safer than relying on the plethora of sleeping pills out there.