Super Mario 3D Land targeted by animal rights activists

PETA targets Super Mario 3D Land with "Mario Kills Tanooki" campaign.

Mario’s return to the spotlight in Super Mario 3D Land is big news for gamers, but PETA has a bone to pick with Nintendo’s iconic plumber.

No, it’s not Mario’s turtle-stomping or gorilla-toppling ways that have the animal rights group up in arms — it’s his raccoon-like Tanooki suit.

“Tanooki may be just a ‘suit’ in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur,” said PETA in an official statement. “By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.”

The organization — which has become known for their rather unique protest campaigns over the years — even went so far as to fight fire with fire, commissioning a playable game to highlight their complaints. In “Mario Kills Tanooki,” players take on the role of a skinned tanuki chasing after Mario as he flies away wearing a bloody suit made out of your fur.

Nintendo hasn’t officially responded to the campaign at this point.