Rolling Pico Camera Dolly brings Hollywood to your homemade movies

Now you can take that leap from home movies to Hollywood with this sturdy and easy to use camera dolly.
It might not be obvious, or maybe it is, but what truly separates your home movies from the likes of Hollywood’s finest isn’t expensive special effects, or big time movie stars. It’s all in the camera movement, of course.
So for all you would-be Scorseses out there, why not bump up your production value with this portable and compact Pico Dolly.
Now you can eliminate all the unwanted bumps, shakes, and otherwise nausea-inducing camera movements that have plagued home-movies for decades. Simply thread your camera or iPhone onto the dolly’s tripod and you’re ready to make movies. What’s more, the dolly comes equipped with two sets of rotating wheels under the camera arm and adjusts, so you can shoot up, down, or even in a smooth 360-degree motion.
You’re home movies may never be the same.