Mirrorcube luxury treehouse disappears into the wilderness

Escape into nature with this mirrored Scandinavian treehouse that is almost invisible in the landscape.

Two well-known Scandinavian architects, Bolle Tham & Martin VidegĂ„rd, have designed a luxurious Treehotel that not only gives you a home away from home, but lets you blend right into the landscape. Inspired by the idea of experiencing nature on nature’s own terms, this beautiful piece of modern architecture fades away into whatever landscape it is placed in, rather than interrupting the scenery with an obstructive design.

The Mirrorcube Treehotel ($377,000) is made from wood and aluminum and uses reflective “spyglass” to create the nearly-invisible look. The glass is treated with a special infrared film that is invisible to humans, but highly visible to birds to prevent disruptions of nature and unwelcome crashes. The simple box-shaped escape appears to float in the air, but is secured by wires and anchor points to its host tree, which is visible from the interior of the cube. The Mirrorcube comes with a custom-built rope bridge to allow for easy access from the ground.

Inside, the design is simple and classically Scandinavian. Light-colored wood makes for an airy interior and the custom-designed-and-built furniture keeps things simple but comfortable. Numerous windows allow natural light in and give users a feeling of being enveloped by nature. The cube comes complete with a Queen-sized bed with storage underneath and an ash-wood ladder leads up to the roof terrace.