Microsoft erects world’s largest ‘Windows Phone’ in NYC

Microsoft has erected the world's largest "Windows Phone' in New York City in celebration of the launch of its three new Windows Phones.

Perhaps Microsoft is taking the concept of increased screen real-estate too far — in celebration of the launch of its three new Windows Phones – the Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash, and HTC Radar 4G, Microsoft has assembled a six-story ‘Windows Phone’ in the Herald Square area of New York City.

The large six-story screen operates more like a large television than a phone with each individual tile fed by various video feeds that can be moved to accommodate live stage performances.

It would appear that the big ‘M’ is trying to foster some much needed publicity for its own mobile phone platform. Microsoft has been lagging somewhat behind competitors — Apple and its ubiquitous iPhone, and the strong presence of Android-based phones on the market.

Time will tell whether the new phones will prove popular among smartphone consumers, but in the meantime no one can fault Microsoft for trying to promote its latest offerings.