LomoKino 35mm analog movie camera

Point, shoot, and create with the LomoKino 35 mm analog movie camera.

With all the focus on digital and high definition images these days, it’s nice to see cool new analog camera enter the fray and represent the colorful, unique, and sometimes blurry world of Lomographic photography.

The LomoKino ($80) is an analogue movie camera that shoots 144 frames on a single roll of 35mm film. It’s a nifty little movie-making device that will not only capture the moment, but your creativity as well. With the LomoKino, you can give your films a sense  of style, all the while escaping the megapixel-obsessed society we live in today. You can even pair it with the LomoKinoScope so you can watch and enjoy the movies you’ve created.