Killspencer’s new iPhone Veils available in zebrawood or ebony finish

This stunning Killspencer backing "Veil" for your iPhone 4 or 4S will give you the wood look, minus the bulk.
Wood and bamboo cases for everything Apple have become somewhat of a trend, but there’s one major problem with encasing your iPhone or iPad in a piece of beautiful wood — the bulk factor. It’s extremely difficult to create a wood case for the iPhone that stays slim, lightweight, and keeps the stunning form factor of the iPhone 4/4S looking good. Most iPhone minimalists we know eschew wood cases altogether for that fact alone. Well, thanks to the folks over at Killspencer, those who like the wood look but want something with less bulk (and protection, we may add) now have something to dress up their phones in. 
The Killspencer iPhone 4/4S Veil ($30) is a hard wood ‘sticker’ that adheres to the back of your iPhone for protection and some added style. The Veil was designed and developed in Los Angeles and each ‘sticker’ is handcrafted there as well. The company uses locally-sourced zebrawood, macassar ebony, or black birdseye maple, although we have to say that we are particularly partial to the stripy zebrawood seen in the photo above. The sleek Veils have cutouts for the iPhone’s camera and feature an understated Killspencer logo at the bottom. While adding one of these to your iPhone won’t help you much if you drop your phone on its face, it will protect the glass back from scratches and keep your iPhone looking sleek and slim.