Croatian company hoping you will bow before DOK-ING XD, zero emissions EV

Croatian company DOK-ING is hoping to make a big splash with its in-house designed all electric car, the DOK-ING XD.

The LA Auto show sees a lot of really amazing autos each and every year from your veritable list of Audis, BMWs and the like. So it’s quite the accomplishment when a small automaker, let alone one that isn’t even really a car company, stands out among the rest.

But that is exactly what DOK-ING — the 20-year old Croatian company with a pedigree in robotics, mining, and firefighting equipment is doing with its DOK-ING XD all electric cars. Capable of traveling distances of 250 km or roughly 155 miles on a single charge thanks to its four 45 kW electric motors, the three seater XD can reach 0 to 60 in 7.7 seconds and max speeds of 86 mph. Charging the vehicle takes about three to eight hours and will feature enveloping 360 degree airbags for advanced safety, as well as a sport, comfort, or economy drive modes.

Entering the world of electric automaking certainly isn’t easy, what with all the EVs coming to market now or in the near future, but the all electric DOK-ING XD is taking a slightly different approach by manufacturing its XD via personal order or through a small production batches.

Since it is still only being shown in prototype form at the LA Auto Show, no definitive word on pricing or availability date has been given yet.