Twitter Buzz Builds for the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Tweets about the Occupy Wall Street movement are building to a fever pitch. Reaching their peak on Oct. 6, there’s still upward momentum, and new research from NM Incite reveals new findings about how the protest movement is playing out in social media.

By studying and analyzing tweets that used that ubiquitous #OccupyWallStreet hashtag, NM Incite discovered that while the Twitter buzz remained relatively steady and peaked on the weekends throughout September, the biggest jump in tweets began Oct. 1 and peaked on Thursday, Oct. 6, when the five-day surge had 13,133 tweets posted about the protests on that day.

What happened on Oct. 1? People were tweeting about the arrest of more than 700 protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, dubbed the “American Fall,” originated when AdBusters asked if the U.S. was ready to begin a Tahrir moment Sept. 17, protesting “Wall Street, the financial Gomorrah of America.” And thus, the hashtag #OCCUPYWALLSTREET was born July 13.