3M Privacy Filter for the iPad

Using the iPad in public can draw some attention and even prying eyes. It’s okay if you’re just reading or watching a movie but sometimes, I think there’s a need for some privacy. So instead of covering the screen or positioning it at an angle where no one can peek, you can apply a privacy filter.
3M Philippines sent me a whole pack last week, including this privacy filters they wanted me to use on my iPad 2.

The IPS LCD screen on the iPad two has a great viewing angle — up to 178 degrees. Applying a privacy filter diminishes that to something like 90 degrees, meaning you can only comfortably view the display at a 45-degree angle on each side.
This effectively prevents other people from seeing what you’re looking at the screen.

The only problem though is this — it makes sharing the iPad to friends much harder (unless otherwise you are huddled closely to each other).
The privacy filter’s biggest advantage is also its biggest weakness. It actually wanted to peel off the filter after a week. Maybe they’d figure out a way you can switch this privacy filter on or off in the future.
Has anyone tried using a privacy filter on their device before?